Freedom & Knowledge: Have it Your Way

Area51 Archives was found around the principle of free speech and the importance of documentation of various texts surrounding hacking culture. This is more than a documentation project, it’s an activist project with the goal of making knowledge freely and easily accessible to anyone who wishes to better educate themselves. This doesn’t just apply to hacking culture, but to all walks of life.

Freedom is a basic right that all of humanity deserves regardless of their race, religion, sex, or political views. People deserve an unbiased education so that they may properly learn the facts and have an educated mind whom can think for themselves. There are countless websites on the Internet that provide users with unbiased information.

Wikileaks, Wikipedia, and Wikinews are just a couple of examples of places where bias is prohibited, and only facts are allowed. This is a great practice that shouldn’t be frowned upon like it commonly is in the media. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Area51 allows hackers specifically to have a voice. We give the hacking community a place where they can post their information and others can retrieve it, and then share with the world. White hat, black hat, and everywhere in-between, you are all welcome. Area51 Archives is not here to condone are damn actions, we are just here to document the process.

In following weeks and months, Area51 Archives will be working to provide new services and ways to access the site. Here are some of the upcoming additions:

  • IRC Server
  • Tor hidden-services (Onionland) version of the site
  • I2P version of the site
  • OpenNIC domain
  • BitTorrent Tracker
  • eDonkey Server
  • Full archive backup downloads

If you would like to contribute in any way, please contact us and let us know!

– jeremy_

Call for Help

jeremy_ here.
It’s been a very busy year for me: from moving to another state, working on various projects for work, and getting engaged, it’s been non-stop caffeine filled few months. Area51 Archives is already 7 months old and it seems like I’ve not even began to scratch the surface with what I want to do with the site. I am calling out for help! If you would like to become a staff member, please, do not hesitate to email me and let me know a little about yourself.

As for news with the site, I am currently working on the encyclopedia section of the archives. The “People” category is the first section I plan on completing, and I will move on from there. If you have any articles you would like added, send it in via email, and I’ll throw it up on the site for you.

Sorry I’ve been AFK for awhile, but it’s been a crazy year so far.
– jeremy_