Call for Help

jeremy_ here.
It’s been a very busy year for me: from moving to another state, working on various projects for work, and getting engaged, it’s been non-stop caffeine filled few months. Area51 Archives is already 7 months old and it seems like I’ve not even began to scratch the surface with what I want to do with the site. I am calling out for help! If you would like to become a staff member, please, do not hesitate to email me and let me know a little about yourself.

As for news with the site, I am currently working on the encyclopedia section of the archives. The “People” category is the first section I plan on completing, and I will move on from there. If you have any articles you would like added, send it in via email, and I’ll throw it up on the site for you.

Sorry I’ve been AFK for awhile, but it’s been a crazy year so far.
– jeremy_

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